About Us


We are an internationally owned business that offers customer management solutions and Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) services: Technical Support, Virtual Assistant, Outbound sales call center and inbound support. We also provide our own line of http://orderassignmenthelp.com/blog/assignment-writing-service/
businesses that helped people to work and grow with us. Such business includes: Software Application, E-commerce, Education and Technical Support. Headquartered in Frankenmuth, Michigan, offices in Philippines, Belize and India, we deliver tangible results to customer care with professional and well trained people.


Make it an objective to operate our company in a way that leads towards our goal as they are defined. Reach our business targets by creating an environment that implements honesty, fairness and courtesy towards our clients, employees, vendors and society as a whole.


We aim to gain a global identity as a business and technology solution provider. Be more than just a company but a partner to our esteemed clients to ensure a smooth and effective operation and grow along with them.


Customer service is our passion! We want to deliver to our clients the support and efficiency of our work, to get it affordably yet profitable with their businesses.



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Our Best Achievements

  • Clean and commented code

    We create Application Software and Technical Support.

  • New and Modern approach

    We also cater businesses suchas E-commerce and SEO Marketing.

  • Five stars rating

    All of our Apps and software were created by our best programmers.

  • 24/7 free customer support

    We provide good customer care<br /> and support with our clients in the most affordable and effective way.

High Quality Customer Care Service

Philippines Virtual Assistant




Working with http://buyessaynow.com/persuasive-essay-topics.php fun is the best way to make an employee feel good about what they do and maximize their potential.

Efrahm has a firm commitment to quality service and professionalism that is aptly demonstrated by our well trained staff. We recognize that our customer essay berry
care specialist is the best representation of our company and creates the first impression to our clients. Being as such, we thoroughly train them to meet and cater the client’s specific needs and demands. Transforming the telephone into a powerful tool of marketing and customer service.

Contact Center Services





Efrahm contact center is within the reach for every client to provide outstanding customer satisfaction through prompt response by our accommodating  and highly professional team. Efrahm has state of the art infrastructure especially designed for contact center operations. We have excellent programs for fast moving marketing strategies. We also follow strict contact center standards for reliability and timely response for customer’s immediate needs. All recordings of calls, live chats and transactions are maintained for further future reference. Highly secured data maintenance capabilities and sophisticated dialer and technical facilities. Timely and prompt response by our highly qualified , motivated, well-trained team members lead by our very enthusiastic and competitive team managers.

Philippines Virtual Assistant