Who We Are

We are a fast growing Call center situated in the heart of the BPO industry here in Cebu, Philippines. Our management team comprises of American, Indian and Philippines personnel, who have vast experience in all aspects of the Call Center industry. Here at Efrahm Inc and Frahmcos we believe that good customer service is at the heart of our relationship with our valued clients, to do this we listen to our clients’ needs and then formulate a campaign to fulfill their requirements.

[clg_services_steps_shortcode title=”A growing BPO center that provides end to end solutions to Big Industries Globally” step_image=”1593″ no_of_services=”4″][(fa fa-credit-card)(Financial Services)(Efrahm and Frahmcos offers Financial Services to companies who face difficulties delivering effective marketing on their business.)]

[(fa fa-language)(Education Services)(We not only serve Customer Support to Clients, but our company also delivers English Language Classes all through different countries. )]

[(fa fa-desktop)(Technology Services)(Mobile Apps, Software Downloads, Website Designing and Programming, these are Technology’s Fast Paces Creations. With that, we always keep ourselves on track and updated.)]

[(fa fa-plus-circle)(Healthcare Services)(The Healthcare is a fast growing industry and it is one of the major factor of Economy’s growth. We provide solutions with better customer compliant implementation to our agents as well having it cost effective.)]

[(fa fa-tags)(Retail Services)(Reduce Operational cost through our Solutions for retail customer service and sales to improve Customer Satisfaction and build loyalty as well as grow more revenue for your business.)][/clg_services_steps_shortcode]

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Efrahm and Frahmcos offers Services : App Development, Web Designing, VOIP and Hosting


Build Your Career with Us!

We are not JUST a company, but we are an AWESOME company. Here in Efrahm and Frahmcos, you don’t just go to work, you’ll be having fun while at work! You’ll work across functions in a collaborative and energetic environment. We do exciting things together with the Team to enhance skills and teamwork. We Hire the best and professional people to work at the same time creating a nice environment when working.

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